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Expert repairs & knowledgeable service

Our licensed irrigators and technicians are a force with a specific advantage: we are well acquainted with the systems in our area as native North Texans ourselves. So whether you’ve got a challenging sprinkler problem on your hands, or your landscape is in need of an upgrade, there’s no job too large or small we won’t tackle.

~ Controller troubleshooting, repair & installation

~ Valve / Solenoid location, repair & replacement

~ Backflow testing, installation & repair

~ Mainline or lateral leak detection & repair

~ Head replacement, moving, adding or deleting

~ In-line drip tubing, bubblers, & micro spray repair or installation

~ Wiring troubleshooting & repair

~ Pressure regulation, flow control meters & high-efficiency upgrades

~ Poor coverage fixes or bad design remedies

~ And More!

We take pride in our work and strive to provide a hassle free, professional and solid experience, leaving your landscape as undisturbed as possible, and your system in tip-top shape.

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