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Going for a light blog...

I never was much of a runner, just more of a light jogger. During one of my morning jogs (new year resolutions) I realized that now that I've gone full time into our business, (quit my 9-5) it might be a great time to start that gardening blog. I still need to do some research how to write a blog, but I'm very excited to start. :)

I'm thinking this will be more for documenting how Done Ripe Gardens is progressing and growing, but then also, I want to share ALL the things we are learning about growing fruits, veggies, and herbs with as many people as possible. Oh yeah... definitely want to throw in pest control, composting, greenhouses, extending and preserving harvests, garden designs, (breathe) tools, resources and maybe even stretching into areas like permaculture & rainwater harvesting (one day!!) I love all that stuff.

This is January, so a LOT is about to start happening. Hope we can stay on top of this! Until next time...

And remember, it's always better to do it ripe the first time! ;)


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